CL-206 Portable Electrical Suction Units

    CL-206 portable electric suction unit can meet the requirements for suctioning pus, sputum and other thick liquids in surgical operations and in household healthcare, and may also be used in suctioning of other purposes.


    ◆ This device is portable because of its small volume.
    ◆ The device is equipped with a imported membrane pump available with long service life.
    ◆ This device has low noise and is maintenance-free.
    ◆ This device is equipped with an overflow protection unit to prevent liquid from getting into pump body.

    ◆ It’s equipped with the hand-operated switch and footstep-operated switch.

    Main Parameters:

    Power voltage: AC 220V   50/60Hz
    Negative pressure: ≥0.09MPa
    Suction rate: ≥25L/min
    Negative pressure regulating range:0.013 ~ 0.09 MPa
    Suction bottle: 1000ml x 2
    Input power: 150VA
    Pump structure: oil-free pump
    Working type: intermittent loading,continuous operation
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